TurfKeeper is now an integral part of over 200 turf operations around the world.
Below are a selection of testimonials received to date from some of our clients.

Sanctuary Cove Golf Club

TurfKeeper has become an integral part of course operations at Sanctuary Cove. With 36 holes to manage, over 20 staff and high daily expectations of our members, what we achieve on course and deliver in terms of daily member satisfaction is directly linked to the quality of our planning and efficient resource management. TurfKeeper gives us that platform and is driving us to refine and improve our work practices. The statement measure better, manage better has never been more true. Paul Mclean, Superintendent, Sanctuary Cove Golf Club

Cottesloe Golf Club

Like all golf course operations, time management is critical to the efficient maintenance of the course at Cottesloe Golf Club, and certainly a focus for committee and management. TurfKeeper has enabled me to report on staff time and costs by course area and task with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency, with the ability to filter to any period I need. Reporting to committee and management has been greatly improved in quality, with the graphs being easy to understand and now included in my weekly and monthly reports. Simon Bourne, Course Superintendent, Cottesloe Golf Club, WA

Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club, Kent, England

The entire team at Royal Cinque Ports GC use TurfKeeper, everyone has ownership of different areas and as a result all staff members have an insight into how a golf course is run.

The level of support provided is fantastic, with the team always showing us how to get the most out of the software. I would recommend TurfKeeper and I look forward to watching it develop in the future.

James Bledge, Golf Course Manager, Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club, Kent, England

Adelaide Oval

With a history built around cricket and Australian Rules football, Adelaide Oval is now a world class multi-function stadium and “must see” destination for locals, as well as interstate and international visitors. With a need to move from one sporting code to another or major event to sporting arena overnight, we continually have conflicting demands on our time and cost management. TurfKeeper promises to provide a complete package of planning, recording and reporting on all aspects of stadium turf management with simplicity and efficiency. The ability to isolate time by area and task, and provide easy to follow reports at the drop of a hat, means we are more in control of our management demands, and will be able to make better informed decisions into the future. This is critical to Adelaide Oval maintaining its international reputation for excellence. Damian Hough, Head Curator, Adelaide Oval, SA

Close House Golf Club, Northumberland, England

With 36 holes under our control, and high expectations from our members and guests, the quality of our daily planning is critical. TurfKeeper has proven to be a godsend for our operation, allowing us to plan and track labour and materials in an easy to use, yet detailed manner. The insight now flowing from the system is now helping not only myself and my staff better understand the operation but also in our communications with our owners. They gain confidence from our knowledge with the team now striving for even better outcomes.

Brian Clark, Course Manager, Close House Golf Club, Northumberland, England
Home of the British Masters 2017

Adelaide Oval

Blacktown International Sportspark Sydney is an elite international sporting facility of approximately 60ha, hosting AFL, Cricket, Football and the International Goalkeepers Academy. Owned by Blacktown City Council and managed by Blacktown Venue Management Ltd, the Sportspark is utilised by a range of sporting groups including Sydney Blue Sox (Australian Baseball League) and the Western Sydney Wanderers Football Club (Hyundai A-League) and hosts over 5,000 events annually which attracts over 750,000 visitors.

In such a busy environment, Turfkeeper is proving to be an invaluable resource as it centralises record keeping, and allows detailed analysis and reporting of the time and costs associated with the management of each facility. This promotes effective, professional communication with each stakeholder and management as we can instantly demonstrate the inputs associated with producing desired standards at each individual site.

The planning function is simple to use and assists with staff communication and training, as it provides them with greater insight to the daily operations throughout the entire precinct, which in turn is beginning to improve efficiency and decision making. Turfkeeper is rapidly becoming the hub of our management operations, with our level of control enhanced significantly.

Matthew Cairns, Grounds & Operations Coordinator, Blacktown Council


I have been using TurfKeeper for over 3 years. Quite simply I find it to be superb course management software, allowing me to produce reports and information on all aspects of the golf course management in a matter of minutes.

Robert N Patterson, Course Manager, Royal Aberdeen Golf Club, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Scottish Open Venue 2014

Portmanock Hotel and Golf Links, Co. Dublin, Ireland

TurfKeeper has become an integral part of our course operations. The digital white board is now the focus of our daily staff planning meeting, with staff gaining a clear understanding of their daily tasks. With accurate data being captured the quality of our reporting has improved. We have really benefitted from the clarity TurfKeeper provides around labour hours and the time logged per area of the course. With great detail available, our communications with our owners is now full of insight regarding course resources with report graphing painting perfectly clear pictures that all can easily understand.

Fintan Brennan, Links Superintendent, Portmanock Hotel & Golf Links, Co. Dublin, Ireland

The Hurlingham Club - Neil Harvey, Grounds Manager

Turfkeeper has become another valuable tool to help me run a very busy Grounds Department. Originally purchased to help us monitor and maintain accurate stock levels and costings, we can now produce professional and accurate reports quickly and easily.

It has enabled us to make more efficient use of our available budget, saving time and resources in the process. The machinery master list enables my mechanic to accurately log all relevant service information helping plan machinery maintenance and purchasing, minimise down time whilst helping maintain all our equipment in first class condition.

Neil Harvey, Grounds Manager, The Hurlingham Club

The Turfkeeper system has been invaluable. With all our information in the system, the online reporting tool lets me see at a glance our workflow and costs and with the click of a button I can view and export reports for our meetings. Ewan Hunter, Head Groundsman, Nottingham Forest FC

Turfkeeper lets me plan and record maintenance work carried out on the course. It has the ability to let me run reports, which gives me greater insight into resources and spend, which is crucial for my budget, stock control and maintenance. I would definitely recommend Turfkeeper to any Greenkeeper.

Craig Gilholm, Links Manager, Royal Liverpool GC

Turfkeeper had an instant impact on the department allowing the ground staff to see tasks and being able to update from home is a major advantage. With its easy way of populating data and a clean, simple interface, backed up with a good reporting platform it is a great tool for any Grounds or Greens department. Clive Liddard MSC, Head Groundsman, Hampton School