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The turf industry’s leading online management system providing complete oversight and insight into staff management, turf maintenance practices, machinery and chemical applications and department budgeting.

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The modern approach to management and delivery of turf operations and management services

TurfKeeper is a web based portal that provides turf industry professionals a fully integrated operations and management solution. Designed by turf industry professionals, the system, in a completely personalised, single environment, provides turf managers complete control over and insight into staff management, task planning, machinery management, inventory control, chemical applications planning and recording, and budgeting & expense management. With detailed reporting on all areas readily available, and a resource library provision, the system becomes the home of all turf management planning, actions, and facility history.

See how Turfkeeper can benefit you

Extensive Data

Every detail you input into the system is saved to your account in the cloud, ensuring your facility’s information is forever accessible from any web connected location. With a wealth of detailed information readily available, all searchable and able to be filtered in numerous ways, TurfKeeper becomes the home of all turf management planning, actions, and facility history. In measuring better, you will manage better, making better, more informed decisions.

Planning Tool

Not just a day to day recording tool, TurfKeeper is your perfect turf planning platform. Calendar based, with daily, weekly and monthly views, our work planner and applications planner allow for detailed recording of relevant activities. Scheduled major tasks can be flagged with other activities such as staff leave and other events appropriately planned. Set out your annual spray program with one calendar highlighting all pre-planned tasks and events.

Quick & Simple

Despite being an extensive planning and recording tool TurfKeeper remains quick, simple and easy to use. Designed by turf industry professionals, our goal has been to be create a system that becomes a valuable, key operations tool, helping you become more efficient, more effective, and more informed as you deliver turf management and maintenance services.